Smooth 2D turning?

How would you make your (2D) character turn smoothly instead of snapping from side to side?

e.g. you press the right arrow, and then the left arrow (causing the 2D player to change direction).


If it’s a 2D sprite (and not a model), you’d have to create a seperate sprite sheet animation to show proper turning.
If it’s a model (or your sprite is allowed to look like paper, for example in the Paper Mario series), simply have an empty object set up to animate in two frames, one frame have it on the left of the player, in the other frame have it on the right, and parent the empty to a central vertex on the player. Then, have your player model Always – And – Track To that empty, with a rate of about 3 or 4.

Yeah, I’m not sure what exactly you mean by 2D character turning smoothly. If it’s a 2D character with a sprite, then you need to draw the turning frames, as Michelle pointed out. If it’s a 3D character, then the TrackTo feature should be fine.

I have a good system these days but it’s not easy to explain. I’ll post an example when/ if I’ve got time.
Basically track to is the best option.

Ok thanks guys, I tried the empty method (for a 3D character model) with a movement cube but couldn’t get it working properly. Could someone provide a quick example to get me started? It would be greatly appreciated!

My broken attempt:2D movement.blend (500 KB)


2D.blend (503 KB)
This may help