Smooth a surface

I am hoping somebody can help with a question. I have had a look about on the tutorials etc but struggling with this.
I have a series of aerofoil sections in blender. They do not have solid ends and I want to smooth the aerofoil mesh so it does not have so many facets. The reason being I wish to 3D print it.
I want to retain the straight end sections and the straight trailing and leading edges.
I will scale the aoerofoils up in size which will make the facets more obvious.
Can somebody advise how best to do this.



Hey, your mesh is a mess - plain and simple. check out this link

This link is pure gold. Thank you so much for sharing!

You can enable vertex snapping and make a new mesh, then extrude and snap to the vertices of the edges of your old mesh. Or loop cut and snap to the edges.

Looks like there’s a lot of edges that don’t contribute a whole lot to the profile either. I’m guessing this was something from CAD or is decimated from a mesh that had other stuff on it at some point? Regardless, you can manually dissolve them with CTRL-X after selecting them. Toggling on/off visibility of the subdiv modifier should let you get a feel of how much an edge will contribute to a profile or the pinching in the shape profile.

Also if needed you can join vertices across a face with the J key. This will automatically split the face. (Joining verts with F doesn’t do this, and can cause problems if you’re not aware of it.)