Smooth curves for cartoon texture

Hi, I was looking at turbo squid to get an idea how to make cartoony characters and found this puppy (the puppy of the two), I can see the UV texture but am curious how someone would go about painting it. Would they paint it in a 2d painting app or in blender itself because the curves are so smooth I think I would have trouble doing it in blender. I thought maybe in GIMP I could use a path to smoothly define an area but that was just an idea.

EDIT: This is just to create the asset it is not intended to be exported. Although I would be curious about that.

You can use another object and the boolean modifier to mask out some parts and use blenders texture paint. Here is a quick one (low poly):

This is a cube, one side half the length extrude subdived and booled with a sphere. The black and white is painted on the border while using intersect and on another painting difference…

That’s interesting. Do you have any idea of how the actual model was done. Would it have been done with some method like this?

Just an idea because me straight lines looks like drawn during an earthquake :wink: First i thought dynamic paint is an option… but this just works on vertex color (?).

Yeah, using a mouse here, no drawing pad… Difficult to draw with.