Smooth in *only* X and Y axis?

Is it possible to smooth in just X and Y axis instead of X+Y+Z? Or even in just 1 axis at a time?

Alternatively, how could I align selected vertices in a mesh to a nice beizer curve?

Ive done this manually before by just putting a bezier curve vertically above the model and then must manually aligning the verticies to the x and y coordinates of the beizer curve but that is REALLY time consuming.

May i ask what you are trying to achieve as a final output? there is perhaps another way to go about it.

if you select the verts that you want, you can use the smooth command multiple times, and then use the “scale” command in one direction (Z in your case) to remove the created height differences.

I’ve often wanted to smooth in a single direction (i.e. towards some verts, but not towards others) this is a bit of a limitation of the tool.

I split the selected vertices from the mesh, into its own new seperate mesh. THEN I used the mesh smooth on it. Then extruded the line of veritices into a vertical wall. Then used RETOPO to snap all the verticies in the orginal mesh to the smoothed wall. Worked perfectly when I figured out I needed to do it in orthographic mode :stuck_out_tongue: