Smoothing fluid sim

I am fairly new to Blender and at present I am fooling around with the great fluid simulation. However, my final render displays the water drops with jagged edges. I have tried to Auto Smooth, Subsurf and Smooth as well as up the Domain sub-d to 2. But to no avail. Should the smoothing be applied to the Fluid object instead?

What is the optimal set up for nice smooth water?

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried set smooth?

Try changing the resolution in the Domain panel up to a higher number. I usually use it at around 100-150.

Also subsurf and setsmooth will help, but if your base fluid sim is to ‘blocky’ it wont have muche effect.

I find using one level of subsurf (or none at all - it increases render time a lot), setsmooth and a high resolution works very well.

Hope that helped.

Thanks guys.
Upping the Domain res helped!