Smoothing Groups Question?

(Pablosbrain) #1

I am wanting to have multiple smoothed sections of polygons that are not smooth when two different groupd come together. For instance… a sphere with half set as material 1 and the other half of the sphere is material 2. I want them to be smoothed but when they meet in the middle to have an edge. Anyone know if you can do this?

(IamInnocent) #2

You will have to split (YKEY) you different groups and smooth them in edit mode, each indepedently.

(azrael) #3

Once you are in edit mode select all verticies and select smooth in the edit buttons.
Then select the verticies that you want to have an edge and press the smooth button again. This should unsmooth the part that you last choose, giving you an object that is smooth all over except where you choose not to.

You can also add muti materials to a single object:
On meshes, you can have a different material for every face if you want.
When you first have only one material and wan’t another, go to the editbuttons (F9)
and click on the ‘New’ button under 1:Mat 1 button. Now the 1:Mat 1 should turn into 2:Mat 2.
That means you have now two materials and the currently selected on is 2.
Switch to Materialbuttons(F5) and create or choose a new material. Now you have two materials
assigned to your object ! Now go back to editbuttons and switch to editmode.
Select the vertices you wan’t to have the new material (you can select the entire mesh by first selecting
a vertex from it and pressing the ‘L’ key) and click on the ‘Assign’ button.

Geoffrey 8)

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I’ve split meshes before… just never thought to use it for this.
Thank you jeanamontreal!