Smoothing in sculpt mode

I have unsuccessfully tried to sculpt the “weird” areas on a models for 3D printing. You can see there is a bumpy section in the circle and an unsmooth transition on the cone where I resized the end.
What tool is best and how should I use it?

Have you tried the… Smooth brush? :wink:

The polygons there may be inverted. Select all in edit mode and apply Shift N command. It will fix if there are inverted polygons.

One thing I always do is check for non manifold verts. That shows inverted polygons.

The smooth tool works well. Thanks. However, all of the tools seem to “take away” material. Sometimes I want to add material to fill in a hole. Is there a way to do that?

Use the inflate brush set to inflate, the blob brush set to positive, or the clay strips brush set to add

Thanks. Those all work well.

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