how can make something like that in blander

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It sounds a bit of a general question also. hehe

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Is that some kind of selective smoothing? Maybe you’re looking for Auto Smooth (in the Edit buttons). It doesn’t let you choose which faces to smooth, but it’s based on the angle between them. You can apply smoothing only to certain faces by applying Set Smooth in Edit mode with those faces selected.

Yes this good
But I need make smooth to all object and in the corner or edge I need make hard line
Look to the left side in the photo (normal)

That’s what Auto Smooth does. First you turn on Set Smooth, then Auto Smooth. Then change the angle (slider: Degr) until your corners look the way you want them to.

%| angle of what ?
can you teach me step :smiley: step i’m new user :expressionless:

Just read the manual:

I do hope it is what you’re looking for. I didn’t really understand the link you gave.

Blander don’t have smooth group
I have to split the group of faces to make hard line between another groups
This is not good for game this meaning bonus poly
Ok thanks thanks thanks thanks .