Smudging Textures / Lighting in Cycles

Hey everyone, I am in need of help!

I set up an interior Scene and added lights (IES Textures ). On the left side the light works fine, the texture is sharp but where I marked the spots it’s completely washed and smudged althoug I am using the exact same lights and the exact same textures ( the topology is all quads on a cylinder , and in EVEE it looks fine and sharp).Checked the normals as well, they are correct. As soon as I am rendering it out in cycles it goes nuts. Rendering settings: 512 Samples/ 0.01 noise Threshold / Denoise ( Although I tried out nearly every combination by now) .
Does anybody know what causes this

Thank you very much in advance, cheers!

Check if that object is properly UV unwrapped, and shader texture coordinate is set to UV. Even if it is a procedural texture.

Thanks , that was the issue indeed. I forgot to UV unwrap it after I sub div’ed and manipulated it !