Snack Scans

Hey guys!
The past few months me and Colin Behrens tried out photoscanning food. We wanted to have some realistic food assets to use in our scenes. Making realistic food in 3D is really difficult and there aren’t really many realistic food assets available online that we could afford. So we made our own. We’ve already scanned, retopologized and optimized over 70 assets, but there are so many more types of food we want to have in 3D :sweat_smile: So we plan on making even more assets.
Our plan is to make an addon with our food called Snack Scans and make that available to everyone on We plan to make it affordable, so everyone can have a large variety of 3D food to use in all kinds of scenes.

We really want to get this as good as possible, so we’d be really grateful for suggestions and feedback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here are some renders of our already finished assets:
We used some textures and hdrs from for the ground and lighting in these images :yum:

Here are some delicious looking chocolate chip cookies :drooling_face:

Some pralines for you: (I ate all of them :drooling_face:)

Here’s a sneak peakbof our avocado: :avocado:

Here’s a render of our burger:

Here are some cereal bars, that were really yummy

We also didn’t forget to scan healthy food :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: Here are some more renders:

Here is a wireframe view of the ice cream:

Snack Scans version 1.2.0 is finally here!
We added even more assets and fixed some bugs!

These coconuts are one of the new assets available in the 1.2 version:

There are now several mini assets packs available for a fraction of the entire collection’s price!
These are available at the moment:
3D Praline Pack
3D Apple Pack
Photoscanned Cookie Asset Pack
Photoscanned Burger

There are more to come very soon :hugs:

Halloween Update:
Snack Scans version 1.4.0 now available! We added 5 new assets and fixed some bugs! Snack Scans now consists of 87 assets!

Use the code halloween21 to get a 33% discount!

I’ll post more renders here as we continue to create more 3D food, if you want more updates, you can follow Vertex Wizards on Instagram. We’re more active there.


Wow these assets look really amazing :heart_eyes:
I can’t even believe these are 3d models. I would really love to see a wireframe or clay render of these! I’m definitely going to be following the development of this asset pack, it will make my life so much easier. I was wondering, will you offer assets with different resolutions? Because if the model is in the background, it would be a waste for them to have really highres textures and a lot of polys.


Thank you very much! I will post more renders of the food we scanned here in the future, including wireframe and clay renders. Yes we will offer different resolutions of our assets, so you can save ram if you only need to use the models in the background. Thank you very much for your feedback :blush:

Be carefully. Don’t eat too much.


I gained weight just by looking at these :wink:

Awesome work!! Kudos!


Yum yum, pralines please


Awesome work @Icestorm congrats!

Just out of interest what was your assetization process?
Was it purely photogrammetry, running the photography through RealityCapture or Agisoft Photoscan?

Thanks for the share!

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Thank you very much @skuax, @RobWu, @csimeon and @pmoreira :yum:
@pmoreira this was our work flow:

  1. Photoscan the object with 3D Zephyr
  2. Import the object in Blender and retopologize it by hand to drastically reduce the vertex count
  3. Cleanly UV unwrap the asset
  4. Bake the textures onto the mesh
  5. Fix errors in the textures and add more pbr textures
  6. Work on a realistic looking material for the asset in Blender

It took quite a long time to do all this for every single asset, and was quite frustrating in a lot of cases, for example retopologizing the burger we scanned was pretty difficult :sweat_smile:

Here is a render of a chocolate chip cookie we scanned:

AO pass on the right side:


That cookie looks really damn realistic as well :heart_eyes: I’d love to eat it!

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@Icestorm ah yes 3D Zephyr!.. I’ve used the software before and found it to do a very decent job! I love the fact that you did this (apart from the photogrammetry) in Blender. Spectacular job and kudos to you and your team - thank you once again for sharing!

side note: I eagerly await the day that someone kind and smart enough can create a photogrammetry module in Blender! :pray:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thank you very much for the feature @bartv!
@pmoreira A photogrammetry module in Blender would be epic indeed! Thank you again for your kind words :smile:


@Icestorm Congrats on the feature!
I wanted to ask how long it took you from start to finish to complete a single asset :thinking:
The creation process you previously described sounds pretty long :sweat_smile:
And I would still really like to see some wireframes :yum:

All of it looks delicious, but that cookie is above all of the other models. Congratulations!

@Jellie, @LucasDM Thank you very much!
It took us about 5h to comple every asset, but of course it veries, because some assets were a lot easier to retopologize and optimize in Blender than others.

Here is some ice cream for you guys :drooling_face::icecream::

And here is the wireframe you wanted @Jellie:


Wow that icecream really looks delicious! :drooling_face:
And 5h per asset really is pretty long, isn’t it? The do look really awesome though and also seem to be even more low poly than I had expected. I’m really impressed and want to see more renders, even though they make me really hungry :joy:

Thank you very much :wink:
Yes, 5h is a pretty long time. But as I said it really depends on the asset, for example completing assets like potatoes didn’t take that long. On the other hand some assets like the burger we scanned were very hard to retopologize and make materials for. Assets like that were very hard to scan and we had to piece them together out of multiple scans by hand, which was really annoying :sweat_smile:

Here is another render of an asset we’ve completed :smile:


This looks fantastic! I really like this high realism. The best thing is, that this is blend native file. How do you think, when will it be available on Blender market? Do you know prices?

Thank you very much :wink:
It will be available on in about 2 weeks. We’re working on the finishing touches at the moment and will post the release date on Instagram and here as soon as we’ve decided on it. The asset pack will be on sale the first week for about 30$. It includes about 60 assets, which means that each one costs about 50ct. After the first week we’ll raise the price, but haven’t decided how much yet.

Very nice models :slight_smile:

I don’t see a delighting step in your workflow. I recently started photogrammetry myself (using Meshroom instead of 3D Zephyr). After retopo and rebaking the textures, I process the textures using agisoft’s texture delighter:
It really removes the ambient occlusion very effectively with just a few clicks.