“Snaiad is one of Humanity’s first off-world colonies, the jewel in the sky, the realm of the sublime. The hopeful colonists arriving from the war-weary Mediterranean found themselves not in a second Garden of Eden, but an unusual new world they had to understand and adapt in order to survive. Understand it they did, and here is what they found.”

An animated short project I’m working on. All creatures and ideas are, however, Nemo Ramjet’s and people’s who have collaborated with him. For more information the Snaiad project, I would go to DA:

Or the main site, which is down at the moment :frowning: But I will direct you all to one of the cached pages with FAQ’s on it:

Now then on to my project:
–Main storyline is still being thought of, all I know so far is that it involves a Snaiadi girl who is some sort of explorer. She is exploring the isolated island continent of Thalassia, a Madagascar-esque place on Snaiad with all sorts of odd creatures living there.
–Character and progress list:
-Girl - In modeling
-Titan, a large herbivore (Magnodirus baropus) - In modeling
-See Rex, a large carnivore (Seismopus kurash) - Not started
-Some sort of flying creature, maybe a gliding slug . . . To be used for an ambient creature - Not started
–It will take place in a sprogland, sprog is spongy plant-like organism that blankets entire landscapes.
–If you want to see pics of these creatures/concepts, try searching them up on Google or DA.

Now I will post some of my WIP pics:


Human Character
(Nudity, haven’t given her clothes yet . . .)