Snail Final

Snail game asset. 2800 tris, 512 diffuse, specular, gloss, translucency, and normal maps. Modeled in Blender, sculpted in Zbrush, rendered in Marmoset. Textured in PS, with help from nDo2.

Helices are a bitch to model, unwrap, and texture. I do not recommend using them unless it’s necessary.

Nice model, really lowpoly but detailed as well. This and your alien prove that you, sir, are a pro.

Very nice game asset, as usual.

Thanks guys! I wish I redistributed the polys a bit better.

Really nice model, I just feel like the skin of the snail is a little bit too reflective, or rather that it shouldn’t be so reflective all over it, other than that it looks fantastic.

Just checked out your portfolio as well, incredible stuff you have there :slight_smile:

I appreciate the comment :slight_smile:

Much of the reference I found has very tight spec on the snail’s actual body, but I think I could probably pull it back a bit.


Why would the external skin of the snail be so distinctly different from the internal skin (the stuff that just shows under the shell)?

You’re probably right about the material difference. Here’s my primary ref for the membrane. Definitely didn’t do a great job on that section.