Snail Souprise

Snail Souprise is by the moment my newest illustration. All the models and texturing were done in Blender and the scene was rendered in Cycles at 2000 samples. This is also my first scene done in Blender 2.8, even when being still in beta, lots of it’s features came really in handy.

Here there are some close up shots:

This was also a great opportunity to try out Blender’s new cryptomatte passes. Thou I basically only did some color correction and added some small effects like glow or darker areas, cryptomatte passes were a great way to mask out anything I needed, without the need of putting in an specific layer and rendering it out again. They look like this:

(Haha yes it rendered for almost 8 hours, but that is because of the size of the final render and the number of samples)

Here is a caption of my scene in Blender:

One last thing… just out of curiosity, there are 7 characters in the scene… I just wonder if people have noticed the 7th one… he is the smallest, but I would say similarly as the snail in the cook’s hand.


Everything is beautiful with this scene, great work!

And I got the sneaky one :sweat_smile:

Spoiler Alert



It took some searching, but I found # 7 too!

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this is really more than fantastic,
there is details in every corner in this render and thy are amazingly awesome !!!

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Haha great! you found him! :rofl: I like how you added the spoiler alert button, nice!. And thanks very much for the opinion :blush:

Thanks! I did my best :blush: I appreciate the comment

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Hey this is a splendind work indeed. Beautiful shot that is pierced with so many great and catchy details. Really good job! By the way what is a spec of your rig that you worked on for this project?

Ahoj :smiley:!
I am glad you appreciate the details :sweat_smile:. I am working with a 4 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4095 MB. Unfortunately the scene was quite big and at the beginning rendering with my graphic card was actually slower for some reason… and later on the scene exceeded the card memory so I did the final render through CPU.

They are decent specs, it is no beast, but enough to be able work properly. But I am thinking about getting some kind of monster GPU if possible


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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look cute and awesome! :heart_eyes:

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Isn’t this just amazing. :+1:

Besides the 7th character I also found that the paper rolls on the left shelf have embossed pattern in the bottom which looks bit weird. I presume it’s not supposed to be there considering amazing level of detail elsewhere. :sweat_smile:

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It’s just such an outstanding amount of work to LOOK at I can imagine this is one of those projects you never thought was truly done. Stickers on the cash register!? That’s a detail alone that would escape 95% of the artists out there.

It’s fun, it’s wild and it’s a good balance of where to spend two hours and where to use Import Image as Plane! Bravo, man!

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where’s 6 and 7?
Nevermind! I found 6 and 7.
I think 7 is a couple of eyeballs in the pot and 6 is pretty small. Didn’t blow up the picture all the way earlier

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This was really inspiring. What a composition and colors! Love your characters.
Would be happy to see more!

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this render is sooo phenomenal I absolutely love it! :slight_smile:

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So much details!


Awesome Bart, Thanks very much!

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Thanks for the comment! and regarding your feedback all I can say is:

Hahaha :rofl: Thanks, next time I am gonna be more careful with small things, yes I somehow moved the uv by accident.

Thanks for the comment, I appreciate you looking and finding these small details :smiley: Haha yes import image as plane is a powerful tool :sunglasses: it is specially nice since I was experimenting with the position of the stickers quite a lot, so having them masked out in a node system seemed unnecessary.

@Camos1011 Yeap! you found them :grin: