I’m newbie on this forum, i want to show You some of my Blender 3D scenes and animations. All constructive critics are welcome : )


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Uh, I really like that one. I love snails but besides that it has so many little intresting details! And the atmosphere is so cozy.

Really nice. The scene is a bit monochromatics (green), you should have red dots with berries… The background is to grey for me. You could go darker, or brighter, but not in the middle. Composititon a bit horizontal, the branch could be more diagonal. But, only if you want more moves in your scene, maybe you like it less dynamic, since the subject is a snail :slight_smile:

Really, really awesome. I love where the light hits the moss just ahead of the snail, and the vines in the background. Only thing that lets it down a little is the body of the snail. It’s lit from the front but I think it would be better lit through the body with SSS, like you’ve done with the antennae. Snails’ bodies are quite translucent. See here.

The body could also be a touch more mucousy, again see the photos.

Pretty good render, the amount of environment detail is quite impressive.

What’s the renderer? Cycles or BI?

Blender Internal

That looks pretty impressive.
Maybe it does need some more contrast, in color, like some red mushrooms; and in brightness, but I think the lime green on the background already gives it a nice feel.

Wow, it`s really great, really love the moss and the atmosphere (even more the dust in the air), pretty awesome.

mm…, however it looks like ones of your mushrooms (the ones in the left) have a texture a little stretch, and the ones down them could have a better specularity (hope that make sense).

Try to modify your lightning so the snail catch more attention or you audience will jump all over the image without know what it`s the main focuse of the composition.

Again it`s a really good work :slight_smile:

oh cool!

BI is the best renderer for blender and you proved it once again

Very nice!

Wow. Really nice work! I think it’s the level of detail and the atmospheric lighting and composition that make it excellent.

And good work showing off the capabilities of BI. One for the gallery, I think?

Such a cozy picture, the warmth and “fuzziness” makes it a real feelgood picture.
The amount of detail and quality you crammed in makes this a really really good piece of work. Congratz!:yes:

One word: Snail. JK. One word: Gallery. Amazing moss and lighting!

Great atmosphere. I especially love the glowing sunlight on the leaves.

Keep up the good work.

Fantastic, I really like this piece. 5* from me!

how did you get that awesome shader for the leaves this is amazing

Crazy work man, it is amazing! I recommend you to brighten up the atmosphere a little bit…a few flowers in the foreground, some red mushrooms here and there would really make it a top notch classic.

Once again, the might of the BI is proven :stuck_out_tongue:

Leaves have some transparent and also translucency is setup to maximum.

This render overall really looks impressive, but technically, it still needs more work (as with most art pieces we do). The snail is a little bit undermodeled and the shading and texturing is not matching the quality of the overall image. On the left hand side, I also notice some parts with the same issue, they lack further shading, it seems like they have the built-in diffuse shaders from Blender.

But really, as a total image, color balance and composition-wise, this is awesome!