Snake head


I made this very basic design of a snake for my game but I think the head kinda sucks. Does anyone know a good model or tut for a cool snake head?

Thanks. =]

why wont u try to get some reference images
put at the background
and start twiking you head

i was thinking if you could model the body straight ,and then do some rigging :slight_smile:
(never made a snake before just thinking here)

nice work till now :slight_smile:

Thanks. And the snake is straight. But I bended the armature :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean with a background image?
I mean like place a picture and then place the verticles right?

I could do that but really can’t find any pictures. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just do Google / Image and type in “snake head” to get images.

I did one for my Avatar (Banded Cobra also known as a Rinkhals), but I’m moving this week and the PC the blend file is on is packed. Sorry.

well i did a little search on

and found some images on first and second page
i think if you go deeper in your search you will find better images then thous here

Haha, Thanks all. =]