Snap broken for rotated objects?

Is snapping broken when snapping rotated objects?
I’m not sure why I have never noticed this but when you try to snap a rotated object to another object and “snap with” set to closest the object snaps to the wrong location.

Here are three images illustrating the problem. Is this a bug or is it working as intended and I am not understanding something properly?

Here are the snap settings. Object 1 is rotated.

Here you see where it snaps Object 1 with these settings. This is obviousloy not the closest.

Here you see where it snaps Object 1 after applying rotation. This is how it is supposed to look.

Which Blender version is this? I can’t seem to reproduce this behavior on 2.91.

This is 2.91. But I also tried it in 2.83 and 2.91.2.

Did you rotate the object?

Yup. Share the file, please?

Here is the file
SnappingProblem.blend (773.3 KB)

Ah I see, I didn’t realize mesh wasn’t axis-aligned. If you enable bounds display you’ll see what the problem is, i.e. what’s actually “closest”:

If you want to snap vertex-to-vertex in object mode, you can use the Center snapping via 3D Cursor:


Hah, I actually didn’t realize this either.

Still, using the bounding box as a something that influences what is “closest” seems like a bad design decision.

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Not so much that as the lack of the ability to explicitly use mesh points (BB snapping is useful). Here’s hoping that Germano’s work on snapping gets in master soon.

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+1 Kind of a nasty little ‘gotcha’.