Snap cursor to surface?

Is there an existing way to snap the 3d cursor to a surface? like just click on a surface, and the cursor goes there? I can’t figure out how to do it…

select the vert/edge face where you want it, Shift-s cursor to selected

is theree a way to do it in object mode? It would be way more convenient. keystrokes add up :frowning:

also, it goes to the center of the face, not where i click

If you want the cursor to be on a face, do the following:
Select a face
Snap the cursor to it
Now, if you click anywhere, the cursor will end up in the plane paralel to the view, which also contains the previous cursor (which was on the center of the face)
Now, with the face selected, press Shift numpad 7, to align the view to the selection, so that the face is paralel to the computer screen
Now, click anywhere on the face, and the cursor will be on the plane of the face.

I doubt very much there is a way to do that in object mode

In File / User Preferences / Interface you can select Auto Depth and the curser should snap to the face under your curser when you position it. The results can be a little hit or miss.

Well, there’s always the good ol’ “Ctl Alt Q” where you can triangulate fairly easily…

Wait! Duh!

Place an Empty where you want the cursor and Snap it to the Empty.

Anything else would be crazy. Say you have a little 456 faced object. How would you
specify any one particular face in Object mode?

Good ol’ Empties!

thanks it works! In Blender 2.8 Auto Depth setting can be found on Prefrences-> Navigation.

Damn, i thought Richard_Marklew was back :frowning: