Snap to annoyances

Sometimes I run into problems when using the snap tool to align objects. When dragging an object in a desired direction, sometimes the object just snaps somewhere else. I made a video of a case where it went completely in the other direction:

I guess blender is not aware of what’s in the viewport and just uses any vertex for the snapping? (In any way it’s quite annoying)

is there a way to fix this?

When the ‘highlight’ circle shows up on the vertex, that is when you click.
What is the problem, I don’t understand?

I would be super nice if blender had precise a precise move function like vectorworks, autocad or sketchup (and I guess everything else).
With the first click you define the from point and with the second the to point. Of course this should be in addition to the existing grab functionality. Now it is hard to control with vertex snaps to the one you move to. (of course there is precise 3d pointer object center snap etc workaround)

If am wrong and there is an easy way to control this please do tell.

the probnlem is that the object jumps and i am not able to snap it to the right position. see second 18 of my video.

Are you waiting until the ‘selection circle’ appears before clicking?

Here’s my thought process:

  1. select the object
  2. zoom in / mouse position near the vertex (V1) of the selected object I intend for snapping
  3. press g
  4. move mouse (and therefore vertex V1) towards the vertex V2.

most of the time the circle apears and V1 snaps to V2 as desired. Alas sometimes the circle appears on V2, but the object (with V1) jumps to another oisition entirely. I guess it just snaps two other vertices.

I’m not seeing the problem still.
Here is a video of how I use it:

thanks alot fot your effort! I am doing this in object mode or with multiple vertices selected in edit mode.

Dunno, it might be even written in some corners of wiki or elsewhere, however snapping in Obj mode might need changing viewpoint, direction of movement and can be more than one attempt operation.
For your case i feel that if you move object above snap point and then try to snap it moving downwards, that could be more success.
It doesn’t matter how many verts are selected in edit mode afaik.

One solution I found was to select the vertex you want to snap last and set snap target to Active.

So one solution is:

In edit mode, select the object to want to move, be careful to select the vertex you want to snap (V1 as mentioned above).
Make sure snap target is set to Active.
Then active the translate command with G, mark the vertex (V2) you want to snap to and make sure the circle appears, then click.

Should work.

My question then is, how can you select which vertex is the active one easier? Right now I select the object, deselect the vertex V1 and select it again.