Snap to face doesn't work

I’ve been trying for a good while now to simply snap some little nubs and horns to a neighboring face, by following this simple explanation. Instead of asking again on discord (futile), I just thought I’d bring this topic back up again.

The result is never accurate, whatever I try: the smaller objects always go “through” the surface face of the other mesh at an angle, rotates in every direction except the right one, etc.

I want the little horns and ridges to point outwards, with their largest flat face against one of the flat faces of the Dinosaur’s head surface. I cannot get snapping to work, even in Object mode. It just makes the small object explode/deform.

The blend file: Gigs4.blend (1.3 MB)

It works, just that you need to understand the action centers, how snap alignment is done and component level limitations. For good object to surface alignments, the object mode with properly positioned pivot is required or preferred.

See my modification. Move the spike in object mode

Gigs4_KK.blend (1.3 MB)

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Thanks, but could you tell me why the small horns on the top don’t snap to the surface? I tried adjusting position pivot but I’m not able to get it right.

Split them into individual objects and resnap them. Basically the placement of pivot point is the key.

However there are many other ways to achieve what you are doing, keep investigating.

One last trick I can give you is that, add a subd modifier to the Trex body, so you get smooth surface underneath, that might be better for the alignment angle. You can then get rid of the modifier when all is done.

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Thank you very much kkar. I will investigate further with what you have told me.