Snap to for curves?


I know the snap to tool inside Blender.
Now I have curve elements. But it seems the snap to tool does not work for curves?
I changed ‘Type of element to snap to’ to vertex and choose ‘closest’.
The I activated the snap tool but the curve I want to move does not snap to vertices of another curve. For mesh objects it works fine.
How I can snap to vertices a curve?



this is accomplished with parenting. if you want a mesh to be attached to a curve select the mesh, then the curve. then press ctrl+P

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Hi oladitan,

thanks for reply but this is not what I was looking for.
I need the ‘snap to’ tool for curves. I want to snap a vertex from a mesh to a vertex of a curve.
It seems I can only snap a vertex from a mesh to a vertex of another mesh.

Any further ideas?

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I would also be very interested in an answer to that 8 year later!

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You do this: copy your curve. Convert your curve to mesh (also you might want to set Resolution in curve data to what you need for precision). Do your snaping. Et voilà! Then you can even reconvert your mesh curve to curve (obviously loosing some editability, but hey, that is why I say, copy the original curve)

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you could also do it the hard way
set cursor to a verts then select other verts and reset to the cursor!

happy bl

eleven years is a long time… -_-"
Create a mesh line (a.k.a edge) with the subdivision modifier and you will get the same result as a NURBS curve with snapping options.
I hope this still has some importance at this point in your life…

… 11 years… :man_facepalming: