Snap To Grid while moving

I’ve only been able to find a way to make Blender snap in increments of the grid while translating. I know there’s the option to take the selection and snap it to the nearest grid, and then move around from that point onward and it’ll be snapped to grid.

This has a few problems, if I want to only move in the y direction for example, and have snap to grid on, I’d expect my nonsnapped object’s x and z coords to stay where they are as I move around in y. I can’t just snap my object to the whole grid because I lose the x and z coords which should stay where they are.

Also performing the snap to grid command every time is pretty tedious. This is a pretty annoying problem when editing architecture and other things for levels in games.

In fact, in all the years I’ve been modeling and level editing, I’ve never once needed an option to move things in increments. I’d always want to snap to the grid itself in order to keep objects and vertices aligned. I’d love it if there was a snap to grid option along with the move in increments option.

The problem is that when you have a selection of verts edges or faces etc. you probably, as I do, want to keep their relative alignment (if you don’t and you want all of them to jump to closest grid point, then of course Shift - S, selection to grid works). So probably you want the ACTIVE element to snap to the grid and the others to follow in aligned way. To do this we would have to have a nice command “selection to grid (offset)”. But we don’t yet. They have just put in a “selection to cursor (offset)” although this does not exactly respect the active as it should it’s possible that they might do the same for grid.

My current workaround for this is so long and tedious that I’m sure there’s a better way.

Heh I suppose I could write some crazy plugin where I hit Shift+Ctrl+Alt+S then x, y, or z, and it’ll snap something to the nearest x, y, or z coord. That’s the last thing I want to do though when I’m used to every single other graphics program with standard snap to grid LOL.