Snap to (vertex) tool doesn't work.

I am doing a tutorial here: I am supposed to duplicate a loop and use the snap tool to line it up with one of the vertices in the back of the guitar. I never used the snap tool before. When I attempt to use it following the tutorial, the loop doesn’t move at all. Can someone tell me how to get the loop to line up with the selected vertex? I know I can line the loop up manually, but I’d like to learn how to use the snap tool. Note for some reason, my loop had to be selected in three sections? But even if I duplicate one section of the loop, I can’t get the snap tool to work.

Where I’m stuck at:

Link to Blender file:

For snapping enable the snap tools (magnet icon) and select vertex option from the dropdown list.

Snapping wiki entry:


That’s what I did, but when I right click on a selected vertex I want the loop to align with, the vertex gets selected and the loop doesn’t move at all.

Hmm, it works for me. You can temporarily enable snap by pressing CTRL, which is what I like. I think you’re expecting some different behavious than it actually does. You duplicate the loop SHIFT+D (selecting loops should work by ALT+right click) and move it away. Then just press G with the loop selected to start moving it around. Now move over the parts where you want to snap to.(or press and hold CTRL to temporarily enable the snap while it’s turned off).

You have to align and active vertex or element with another. You don’t select a loop and then right click to select the vertex to snap to, you loop select and then grab, or scale to another vertex. Your active element will be colored white in the default color scheme, whether it be a vertex, edge or polygon, of your selection.

Got it. Thanks to both responses. I guess I was confusing it with merging selected vertices,etc. (alt m).