snap two edges together?

Is there a way to snap two edge together? Like in the attachment, I would like to snap the two selected edges together, and afterwards smooth it all out so it looks nice.

I’ve tried putting the cursor in the middle, and snapping to that, but they collapse into a point when I do that. This has come up for me a lot so I thought I’d ask.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!



select the vertices in one end of each edge, then click ‘alt + m’ and select one of the options, then repeat for the other end of the edges

Well, hmm…I got all excited and shouted “of course!” when I read your suggestion, it sounded like an eminently reasonable idea, but now I realize we’re talking about edge loops, not just single edges. Sorry, my bad.

Anything for whole edge loops? Or rather, two sets edges in a line? Attached a zoomed out screenie. The whole edges are about 700 polys long.


try this:
you scale the selected edges to 0 on the green axis. this way the vertices that are to be merged are pretty close together (maybe you have to correct the red axis as, so the vertices of the right colum come close to the vertices of the left colum).
then you just do a “remove doubles”.

should work, shouldn’t it?

I had the same kind of problem earlier, and here you’ll find the discussion about it:

There is also somewhere on the menus an automerge editing tool, you can use it with snapping vertices option. You can see Andy demonstrating it on Creature Factory, it is in the part named “modellingtools” on video tutorials, at about starting time 10:00—. A think it goes same way with bigger amount of vertices and edgeloops.

But you should also consider using subsurfing, the 700 count is, i think, quite a amount of vertices.

you could also do this:
2. Select the edges you want joined.
2. press ‘f’ and select ‘skin faces/edge-loops’
3. select the newly created edges (only select the ones that are between the two edges you want merged)
4. press ‘alt + m’ and select 'collapse

Thanks, y’all!

A couple follow up questions:

Is there a function to remove doubles within a certain tolerance? Or set the tolerance for remove doubles? That’s what I ran into when I tried zapman’s suggestion, is getting them close enough. I guess I’d like to snap them together within a certain tolerance, first, though…does that make sense?

And as for snifix and morio’s idea, that’s just brilliant. Only problem is of course my UV mapping will have to be redone :frowning: but that’s life. :slight_smile:

HEre you can change the tolerance for removing doubles.


Oh! Thanks Morio!

I think there was a bridge plugin somewhere, not sure…
Maybe google knows.

SnifiX mentioned this earlier, and it works :slight_smile:

you’ll need to use the automerge editing tool found under the mesh menu
also, the snap-to function needs to be enabled (the little magnet) - hold ctrl while you’re moving the vertex and it will snap to other verticies.
see picture for more clarification. (just look at the picture - don’t try to read the text - its messy)

hope that helps:D


Dude…that is totally awesome. I wish I had read this before spending the last couple hours painstakingly snapping vertices via shift s 4 and sift s 2!

I had arrived at using vertexes to solve my problem, as upon even closer examination it turned out my problem was even more involved than I had realized before (like so many problems).

The good news is I’ve got another whole set to merge, and now I can do it much, much easier. Not to mention from now on…I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now.

Thank you so much amdbcg, and the rest of you guys, too!

You know, Blender just freaking rocks. I mean, it’s totally awesome.

would Skin faces be the fastest way? if you have too many edge loops after alt select an edge and delete edge loop… right?

koots2, I’m not sure I understand, could you elaborate? I’m just not sure where skin faces comes in…

Look at what Morio wrote in post 6.

to illustrate the point : select 2 faces and press the FKEY
—> skin faces

edge loop select: alt+RMB

You caught me not reading the entire thread…:rolleyes:

Skinning faces gives you the ability to make faces on several edges at once. As long as each side of your mesh to could connect all 700 polygons in 3 clicks.

Oh right okay thanks. Just that terminology “skin faces” doesn’t sound like what it does to me. Makes me think it has something to do with UV mapping.

It is pretty darn handy though.