Snapped Shear - is it possible?

Hi, I’m trying to precisely model a sectional metal part. The problem is, that it needs to fit onto another one, contacting surfaces inclined. So, basically, what I need to do is skew the left one so its vertical section copies the angle of the vertical section of the right one. But Shear tool doesn’t snap :frowning: Tried moving layers of vertices manually with snapping, but with global orientation they don’t snap right and with face-based orientation they get messed along the global Z :confused: So, is there a way to do this, given that corresponding sections have different geometry and sections’ dinensions are not to be distorted?

Unfortunately Shear works with some kind of 0.1 unit (blender?, radian?) snap and does not use vertex or edge snap options.
However by setting pivot on one corner while zooming on another up to the blender limits should work pretty good (if you use some reference line).
If you want to be precise and not to do shear angle manually, duplicate one face of that inclined surface, separate and scale it bigger. Position where needed to use it as a target for Shrinkwrap Project modifier where you in turn use separate copies of contours of that E shaped detail to project.
Then it’s just a matter of some extrusions to end “shearing”. Could use snapped duplicate of scaled plane to define length of E.

I would rather use setting pivot and zooming tho.