Snapping Bones

Hi everyone,

I’m still fairly new at blender and have been learning about rigging meshes. At times though I have two rigs I’m messing around with and only way I know how to get a t-pose rig to an a-pose position of another avatar is to manually move it. Is there a way like in Maya when you hold the v key to snap the bones is there an equivalent to this in blender?

Ahm you may elaborate more on what you currently need, not enough info there. :spin:

You can reset your bones to the original state (rest pose you made in edit mode) by using Alt+R and Alt+G (You can reset scalling by using Alt+S), which will reset the rotations and positions on the bone, in the pose mode.

Snapping bones is just like snapping any other object, and the shortcut is Shift+Tab, and the snap mode Shift+Ctrl+Tab. The icon is a little magnet in the bottow of your view.

You can also select any object or element, press Shift+S, select Cursor to Selected, and that can move the 3D cursor to that point, now you can select the object you want to snap, Shift+S again and select Selection to Cursor. That is a useful tool that blender has.