Snapping Cursor to bezier curve vertex not possible?

No matter how I set the pivot, I’m unable to snap the cursor to a bezier curve vertex. I can see the nature of the problem - when you select a curve vertex, it’s handles are also selected. So the snapping operation never sees the vertex only, always uses the median point between the three actual points selected. Am I missing something or is that just how it is (in 2.49)? My workaround is to snap the vertex to grid first, but that’s more involved.


Select the control point so the handles are also selected, then deselect the two handles just leaving the middle control point, then Shift+S / curser to selected.
In blender 2.57 it works as you want without needing to do this.

How does one delete handles? Is it possible? I have a vector I imported from an SVG, and some of the points which are just straight corners, not curved, have handles which I don’t think are necessary.