Snapping isn't working as expected

Hi Team,

I just started learning blender and went through a few tutorials. I’m facing an issue with snapping objects. Here is the video of what I’m doing. the object isn’t snapping. Snapping hint isn’t showing up when I move the object the closer to another object. Unable to upload a screenshot or video as I’m new user to this forum?


So you have the snapping activated? It is set to vertex for instance, I think this is the best snapping feature.


And you’re in object or edit mode?


Here is the video recording of the process I followed.

OK, try having the mouse away from the object you are moving and roll over the edges on the object you are not moving. Also think through and select from the options available in the snap menu. In the situation below, the closest edge will snap to the edge which is covered by the mouse (I think)


I did the same in my video. Not sure where I’m doing it wrong.

Try this:

With selected cube at the distance shown, hover the mouse over the edge indicated (the front, top edge) on the other cube. Then press g for grab. The cube (closest edge) should snap to that edge in the a default scene.


@a59303 Thanks. Now I understood how to snap.

Fantastic news!