Snapping issue...?


Both on official 2.70 and Graphicall build Win 64 I cant snap to a point/edge of the same object…
Anybody experienced such issue ?

Have you enabled ‘Snap Onto Itself’ ?

Anybody experienced such issue ?
No, works as expected for me

Thx, thats it.
But another question…)):
When eg. [EDGE SNap to edges] selected I point a reference edge for extruding primary element that high as that edge is
and depending where I point on the edge - the Z coord. varies, shouldnt it work as eg.Sketchup does?

  1. I select a face to extrude, then I point a ref. edge to extrude THAT HIGH w/snapping to edge switched on AND: what I see is a small circle w/following line but the primary face jumps to whatever height but that edges’s Z…???