Snare Drum

Well it is finished in the sense that I am over it and have a decent enough final render, sort of a studio shot type thing.

Materials, modelling, lighting etc could all be worked a bit more and tweaked further for a better result, but I want to move on to something new. It is my first time with a lot of this, specifically materials and rendering, and I learned a lot from it, so I am happy with it. :slight_smile:

All modeled, rendered and composited in Blender 2.57.

EDIT: I spent some time tweaking the shell material, and a little bit of tweaking the lighting:


Looks great. If you wanted to work on it a bit further you should make a dirt map for the skin and perhaps a bit of specularity mask for the wooden tex.

Thanks for your comment mate, it inspired me to mess around with it a little more again. Also thanks for the suggestions, I played with a spec map but didn’t come up with anything particularly good.

your background is empty. The snare drum reflects emptyness.
Obvious lack of GI.
If you want realism - Use cycles, not Blender Internal.