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I’m posting this in advance

I’m working on upload my site still, it’s not 100% done yet (I moved from Freewebs to I am going to have a section for games. I hope to get my site popular again (it used to have over 6 thousands hits), so if you want somewhere to publish your game, this is the place. You’d have to have a SNEDEKERDESIGNZ GAMING logo in front of your game, like the publishing logos in popular games (I’m working on the logo), and then I would add your game to my site where it would have game info, screen shots, download info, a link to the official game site (in less you don’t have one), and videos. It might get hits to your game. There would be a section in the SD gaming forums also for your game.

What do you think?

Please do not get offended but i would say that this is completely useless.

I agree with Juggler! Also that would be basically claiming it as your own! What would the licenses be?

I’ll put it on your site, and putt your logo in it, but you gotta throw in some work because I can make my own site and have my game there. then I would create a web site full of links to all of the fellow blenderheads’ games that are worth mentioning

I wouldn’t be claiming it as mine, it’s just adding a logo and adding to my site for extra hits, like garagegames does.

Tictoon: what game are you making?

change the name, its too dificult to write (and pronouce)

I was making a game, but tthe game engine sucked too much to make it, I’m hoping to finish it with 2.48

Cyborg, my main site is snedekerdesignz, and I can’t change that. I added the gaming on because there is a seperate gaming section.

Why would we need to add some logo? They’re already at your site if they’re downloading it from there. Otherwise it looks like snedekerdesignz is part of the team who made the game, and at best you’re a pseudo publisher/host. If I have it uploaded somewhere else I wouldn’t need them to go to your site…

Seems like it’d be a much better use of my time to upload to or any other site… you’d have to be generating a lot of hits first.

I decided you do not need to have a logo, but I will still publish the games. I have to approve them (in the future I’ll have other people in charge of this section and they will approve them), but if I approve it, I’ll make a page on my site for it. You need to have an official site for it though.