SNES controller

This is my most recent project It took a lot of time to get most things right especially that I don’t have a physical snes controller , What do you think?


It looks really good! The plastic especially looks very similar to the real thing. They’re a lot cleaner than most SNES controllers I’ve seen, if you want perfect realism you should throw some dirt and scratches on there :wink:

Thanks! , This is actually an improved version , in the older one there was in fact some dirt on the controller But I noticed that it looked off because The dirt had no context to be there in this render with a perfectly clean backdrop , no environment, and good lighting condition. I wanted this to be more like a shot for a commercial or something ,you know?

How did you get this so precise without a physical reference object? I’m really impressed at how perfect this looks from every angle, what was your reference?

I sh*t ton of pictures from the internet of every angle I could find

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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