Sniper Zoom

How would I make my sniper zoom in? I have tried key framing the lens size but it’s not working. Any help?

Did you activate an IPO actuator on your camera?

Yes. This is what i did. I had my camera lens start at the regular 35 and key framed it. I then went a few frames forward and made my lens 110 (or something like that) and key framed it. So when i went back to frame 1, the lens was not at 35, it was at 110. So the problem is that the zooming of the lens is not being key framed.
Hope this helps clarify.

as above for actuator : use IPO , remember to set the frame start and end, also pingpong so you can release the key while moving etc, then hit it again to return.

Ok i figured it out a different way. I have 2 cameras, 1 normal and the other zoomed in. So when i right click, it goes to the zoomed in camera and when i right click again, it goes back to regular camera. Problem solved. Thanks guys.

yes that would work you could also have a filter scope image atatched,
but you wont get the “zoom in” transition effect,
When you tryed key framing you did have the mouse over the camera properties tab aye?

Oh… that works also. I never knew that… i feel kind of stupid right now… Oh well, live and learn
Thanks man. :slight_smile: