snotling pump wagon

(shade#less) #1


this is a ‘‘snotling pump wagon’’ from the tabletop strategic game ‘‘Warhammer’’ . I am looking forward to add some spikes and an shield to the front (and maybe some snotlings)

the pic :
look below…

What do you think ?

(Alltaken) #2

the modeling is good
but somthing looks strange about the wood texture.

i think it could be something to do with a bump map you uses it looks kinda sandy rather than wood grainy.

also the blades on the side look a bit monotonal.
i do really like the model though

(Bapsis) #3

Nice!!! :wink:

Those are some deadly looking rims you got there!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Andy Goralczyk) #4

wow… that’s some really cool modeling shade#less…
the wood texture could use some work though [cough dont blame me for that cough] :stuck_out_tongue:
great level of detail…

(S68) #5

I agree

modelling is cool, even if too sharp edges (bevel! bevel!)

Materials are to be worked on a lot, both wood and metal.


(shade#less) #6

i have made an update of the pump wagon.
added some spikes and a front shield and some other stuff .
there are three different views of it.

the 3 pics:

post your comments … if you have some .

(sten) #7

hey shade !

that lools nice…most ppl do future stuff…but nice to see old stuff come to life :slight_smile: !!

very nice start !!

(Jolly Gnome) #8

Looks cool :slight_smile:
Nice to see people modelling Warhammer and Wh40k stuff :slight_smile:
I was tiny bit disappointed though, as it was the new version of the model, and no snotlings were scurrying around :wink:

(Detritus) #9

Cool wagon! Is it boar-driven or is that a spring-based propelling mechanism I see on the 3rd pic? Looking forward to see the snotlings!

(shade#less) #10

@ jolly gnome : i hope i could put some snotlings on that wagon , because if there are no snotlings its only a half snotling pump wagon :wink: !

@ detritus : the snotlings use that handle wich is connected with the axle by ropes to drive the wagon forward - havn’t you seen this ? :wink:

if someone has some tipps how i could model the snotlings - please post !because i think it could be difficult to make them !

(blengine) #11

that is very nice! awesome texturing and i love the old ages stuff like this =D
are u going to make a scene for it?

(mthoenes) #12

Nice work on the wood.

([email protected]) #13

man good luck with the snotlings lol i know i wouldent be able to do it im working on a space mareine and its not goin too good lol there seems to be a sudden influx of gamesd workshop fans at trhje moment

(Detritus) #14

Hmm… I´m not into Warhammer so much as I´m into Warhammer 40k. Personnay I like science-fiction more than fantasy even though I think that both worlds/realitys are really fascinating.

A general tips for modeling characters: keep the detail up over the whole body. My first characters didn´t look very good since I only modeled the head seriously and then used the extrude tool to create the whole body from the neck and throat. BTW, I can send you a wireframe pic of my Ork if you want to! It´s not a strict W40k Ork, but very much inspired by them.

(shade#less) #15

@ Detritus: yeah please send that pic of the ork ! you can put it right in my topic

@ imgranpaboy :yes i am looking forward to make a scene !

@ [email protected] : yeah i could really need some luck - these snotlings are damn hard to model (for a newbie like me)

@ all the others : thanks for your comments . i never thought that i would get so much positive replies … and this in my second post at elysiun … ! :smiley:

([email protected]) #16

we should have like a games workshop blendoff lol the best games workshop model wins id lose i justnthink it would be fun. i think iwoiuld do my dwarf standard barer note i got space wolves from 40K and dwarfs for warhammer… i also got a small impiral guard army for 40k lol

(shade#less) #17

thats a great idea [email protected] ! i would do an ork catapult or an wyvern with an orc boss on it (but i think the wyvern with the boss on it could be REALLY difficult to do so i better make the catapult :wink: )

but first i have to finish this snotling wagon …

([email protected]) #18

lol organ gun!! dwaves rule!!
textures not done yet…

(shade#less) #19

great model ! really detailed work you have done there ! :o
but i hate dwarven organ guns - they can kill nearly a whole goblin regiment with one strike … arrgh!!! :wink:

orks & goblins rule !!! :wink:

([email protected]) #20

yeh sorry to say my dwarfs are engineered to wipe out orks and goblins i hate them it all stems back to when i had brettonians and i got my ass kicked by them everytime… but then i changed to dwarfs and havent lost to em once yet :smiley: and i got 2 bolt throwers :smiley: