snow and ice scene

hi guys,
im having 2 problems with this scene:

  1. the character appears kind of hazy and has a bit of a bluish tinge. my lighting was slightly blue, but even when i changed it to pure white it made no difference. to fix the haziness i tried changing the dof to the character
    2)i would like the ice to reflect the background image more and the snow less, more like in the second image, but when i try putting the snow and ice on different layer it doesn’t look right (image 3)

please help, thanks :slight_smile:

  1. I think the reason it isn’t reflecting the background image is simply because the hills are in the way lol maybe shrink them down and you will see some of the mountains over the top?

  2. Has your character got a mirror applied to him? looks like maybe he is reflecting the colour of the sky maybe. If he hasn’t i can’t think of what could cause the tinge.