Snow material?

I am trying to make a snowman, and give the snow a snowy texture. But I cant, its just getting uglier and uglier. Please, someone, tell me exact how to make a good snow-texture! I’m only a noob, so try doing it easy to understand, okay? :wink:

Try this:

Create a new material. Go to the textures buttons and add a new texture. Under the “Texture Type” pull down menu, click on the “Noise”. it will be right above the “Blend” option. Then go to the material window. You sould see your grey original color and some purple spots. First make the original color pure white. Then go to the far left section of the materials window and click on the “Map To” tab. Click on the purple color. Then drag the slider to a spot that is close to white but a tad bit grey. There are a bunch of buttons at the top of this window. Make sure the “col” and “nor” buttons are selected. (You will have to hit the “nor” button twice until the words “nor” appear in yellow.) Your texture is complete.

To make a more realistic snowman, under your material window, make the texture emit light by dragging the “emit” slider to .240 or so.

]This generates a grainy texture that looks like packed snow with a little dirt. You can vary the texture color to make it more or less grainy depending on your taste. The “nor” effect allows the texture to make bumps on the surface.

I have another idea to make it look like snow, but try this first and if it doesn’t work, then I’ll explain my second idea.

Good Luck and happy blending!