Snowboard and bindings

Hi everyone,
I did this project in my portfolio.
After one year of use, I found that Blender is an incredible software.

Blender 2.66, Cycles

Thank you very much for developers :yes::p:eyebrowlift:


Multiple thumbs up! Great job!

I like it, good job!

Excellent modeling, hereby nominated for the Gallery. I would have put them in some kind of context, though … a soft colored background, not garish white. A light shade complementary to the predominant blue. (Easy enough to fiddle with in Photoshop.)

Great level of detail, and I specially love the paint!

great stuff!

I really love the mesh material on top of the boot and the foam material under that.

Would you mind explaining how you did that? Is that all mesh which is deformed or is it bump/displace?

Hi, this is only a mesh, extruded and then Mesh Deform added on it.