Snowboard (New Pics)

I thought it was about time to post in this section.

All done and rendered in Blender with a tiny touch-up in Gimp. Took about a week to finish from start to finish (didn’t work on it a ton everyday though). Please tell me what you think. Don’t be afraid to be harsh too! :slight_smile:

Added images at a different angle!

High-Res Render

High-Res Render

High-Res Render

Nice! Good work mate! I love it. btw the render is low res :wink: make it 1080p?

There we go, I rendered it as 1080p, but the forum can’t hold an image that size. Fixed it though. Thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:

very nice :smiley:

this is very nice imo
it looks professional :smiley: and the color is so cool. Add more, plzz :smiley:

Very good, can you tilt it a little so we can see more?

Where is the snow? :slight_smile:
If you need it: :slight_smile:

You got your wish. Added an image of a more front-on angle, and also a close-up on the bindings. They weren’t really modeled for close-ups… so bear with me :slight_smile:

Looking very good close up, maybe lean it up against a wall, I feel like taking it for a ride.