snowman (entry contest blender cookie)

here is my entry for the contest of blender cookie, sadly I’m not 100% happy with it :(. first, I finished it in the night, with no light around me, so after I posted it, in the morning I was like… “wow that’s really dark!!!” but I could not edit it so… well… it’s a scene during the night :stuck_out_tongue: (how to watch it… turn off all the lights around you…if it’s during the day, put your screen under a big blanket… with a hot chocolate! ).
Also I wanted to add some detail in the snow, around the tracks of the sledge with some displacement but blender keep on crashing when I was trying it… I think it comes from how old my computer is! lol.

but appart from that, if you still like it, you can vote for it on facebook
here is the link

and if you have other critics than the one I mentioned please, feel free!