Snowman Simulator

My younger sister asked me to make her a game with a snowman, so here I am…


The capacity for EEVEE rendering contributes tremendously; had to disable SSR though cause it was making weird artifacts (I think it was the SSR that was making them?).

The snowman is controlled completely via physics; the base rolls toward whatever direction the rest of the body is leaning, thus balancing itself.

Also he can jump:

The rotation between snowman segments is applied by removing/resetting physics constraints each frame. A somewhat convoluted system just to apply rotational force - I could have used simpler methods like applyTorque() or alignAxisToVect - however these methods didn’t provide the effect I was looking for, using them made the rig gravitate toward an upright position rather than rotating its parts in order to balance.

Here’s a demo if anyone cares to experience this glorious fragment of snowman existence for themselves; alternatively here’s the .blend, just in case you’d like to gaze upon/modify the convoluted mess this project is built on:

And of course, the controls:
W, A, S, D to move,
SHIFT to aim (also stabilizes balance),
LMB to shoot,
and SPACE to jump (also completely screws up balance).

Currently planning on adding NPCs/enemies; and if I can get more people working on this (besides me), hopefully some online multiplayer. As far as an objective goes, probably auto theft, vandalism, or other typical snowman activities may suffice.

Anyone care to collab?


Looks really fun! The overall snowman motion and games atmosphere are great.
Unfortunately it runs with 10-20 fps on my PC. Maybe try to optimize it a bit before adding NPCs, it will save you from tons of headaces later.

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Just a conceptual update

Still haven’t done anything to better the performance though (yet )

This is so fucking cool! :slight_smile:

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