Snowy Hill (Now with .Blend file)

My most recent render. I find that sculpt mode can help a bit when shaping snow building up around an object. I didn’t do that good a job on it though.

Modeled and rendered in blender. A bit of post-pro in photoshop.

EDIT: made .Blend file downloadable on DA page.

As I said in the DeviantArt page, the material kicks ass! Very good composition too, the shiny ball is good for contrast.

What was it lit with?

nice snow, really

I don’t suppose you would share some info on how you made the material? Its perfectly snowlike!

yep yep! i like the snow :smiley:

ooooo, I like it very much, so cute <3
This is so simple yet pretty scenery. Make more make more i say. Very inspirational work of art

Just as I posted in Deviant, the snowmaterial is just fantastic. It even has those tiny crystals and all. Great job.



Ok, I’ll calm down. :wink: That looks AWESOME!

Yes!!! Please tell us how you made the snow! Looks awesome!!

Some parts look like snow, some parts look like sugar and other parts look like fabric. Its pwiidy.

Great image! I too like the snow material. Tutorial please!

Can you tell us, please, how you made the snow? Looks great!

K. Chiming into the “TELL US!” crowd. Christmas is coming up soon. It would be perfect! You don’t want to ruin Christmas do you?

totally agree at some parts it looks more like sugar or salt, but its good, non the less! :slight_smile:

The snow material is amazing! It would be great if you were willing to share it with us.


+1 on the shader, holmes.

And I totally agree with redbyte; it would be a shame if you ruined Christmas for all of us. : (

I don’t wanna ruin Christmas! Therefor I have made the .Blend file downloadable at the deviantart page. (download button on the left)

I found two snow materials for Blender made by other users, but they seem to only look good under certain lighting conditions (which may be true for my material too, I haven’t tested it too much yet) so I combined the two into one, and tweaked a few things.

It’s lit by AO, one sun lamp, and one spotlight with halo activated.

Have fun :slight_smile:

Thank you!!:smiley:

WOW… that’s one complicated texture. At least more complicated than I used to. I going to see if there’s a way to duplicate in Indigo.