Snowy Landscape

Hi everyone!

I started a new project (following this tutorial I forgot to render the environment image, and I think I have to change the trees.
This trees are only imageplanes, as you see, but I didn’t know how to make a snowy tree with the tree addon :frowning:
Maybe someone has some tipps for me? :slight_smile:

You could try creating the trees and then use make a slow liquid simulation

Did you create the YouTube animation of this scene

Edit: Did some Googling and found this buy Mr. Andrew Price

Thx, I’ll try that.

I don’t want to create the animation from the tutorial, I am concentrating on modeling and texturing, because this is my 2. scene with blender/cycles. So just want to create a nice landscape scene… and make some extra’s. Planning to add a small house or two in the mountains :slight_smile:

I now used real trees from “sapling” addon
I think these treese are better than the image plane ones, but maybe Ill need to add more “snow” on them

Good start in my opinion, but the scale between trees and mountains feels wrong to me (but maybe you´ve done this on purpose)

Hey! Great too see you followed my tutorial! nice to see some work in progress! keep us posted ;).

Trees are now smaller, and I added a small house :slight_smile:

It’s turning into a nice scene… the only thing that sticks out in a big way, is I think you have too much snow on the mountains, but it is really starting to come together nicely.

Thanks :smiley:
In the german forum I already got the comment, that I need to change the snow. Snow should lay on flat spots and slip off the sheer rock walls.
I think youre both are right. Ill have a look at the snow.

I’ve change some of the snowy parts, and made it as you see (^^) a evening scene.

The 2. mountain from the left, needs some more work, I think.

Ill close my project. Somehow its getting boring ^^
(click on it for a bigger version)