Snowy Stylized Forest

Done for CG Boost Challenge:
I just learned how to create stylized environments and this was a perfect opportunity to put the new skills into practice.
I started with the assets and then using scatter to place them. I played a lot with the fog and atmosphere and learned how to blend them with the environment. I wasn’t happy with the first version of the deer, so i started from scratch using a photo.
The glow material was harder than i thought. For this piece i spent much attention how the image is framed. I used rule of thirds and guiding lines to the deer. This was kinda relaxing break from my photorealistic journey.


It looks really great! Well done!

Looks great! :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, merry Christmas!

Thank you all. Enjoy the snow.

You’re in the holidays special on BlenderNation. Merry Christmas :slight_smile: