So.. does buying an AMD GPU explicitly for blender make sense ?

I’m currently running an old AMD GPU, and i don’t know if it’s because it’s old, it doesn’t have support, or it’s just AMD GPU, but most scenes rendered comes out much darker than the CPU renders, even if i change light source intensity or bounces, something weird goes on, and also, it needs to compile every time before i render which takes a while…

I don’t personally see much AMD GPU benchmarks, so i can’t really tell, so i’m asking if anyone knows. because even though blender now supports AMD, i don’t see much AMD blender comments or feature updates or render times

i’m asking this because of AMD’s new radeon products, they are going to hit the sweet spot of price to performance, and which means i can actually buy more of the cards cheaper, or spur out a little to upgrade my CPU.

So tell me, if you know, does it make sense to buy an AMD GPU for blender? ( i don’t game, but zbrush and photoshop alot)


i don’t game, but zbrush and photoshop alot
ZBrush is not dependant on the GPU it just uses the CPU, so a good CPU and lots or RAM are what’s needed to get the most out of ZBrush

Incorrect, it supports HDR textures now –

Get the gtx 1070 if possible. It has 8 gigs of ddr5 gpu memory. Also cuda just works with blender. I regret my amd purchase.

If you don´t have to rely on gpu rendering (with cycles),
AMD is an okay choice.

If you are getting a GPU specifically for rendering then no, you should get Nvidia. If you just want to display high-quality models in the viewport then AMD is a good choice.

As Richard said though. Zbrush is only using your CPU and Photoshop mostly depends on your CPU (and RAM)