So how many 2.8 testers?

I decided to finally play around with 2.8. I was gonna wait for development to get farther along ,but I couldn’t help myself,lol. You can tell alot of work needs done, not a heck of alot of it works. Cycles stays in render mode, crashes if you try to have multiple 3d views, looks like alot of add-ons prolly not working(I know fbx importer). Eevee is looking pretty sweet though.


Edit: Sry for the initial one-liner. Of course 2.8 would still be buggy at this stage.
I also couldnt resist testing it, eventhough its unfinished.

For a lively discussion its always best to get some thought-through questions on the road.
Just as a friendly hint !

For me, blender 2.8 is one of the more interesting things on the internet right now, so I’ll click on every drivel I can find… :wink:

Blender 2.8 is still in such an early state of development that I think (I’m not sure) developers have not even officially called for testers.

So you do not expect to decide to try Blender 2.8 one day and find a functional program suddenly. What you can do is to be testing Blender 2.8 from time to time to see the progress. About your concerns, some of them have been discussed in this thread:

must have over looked some of them comments. I’ve been following that thread.

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