so long English version of Shade :-(

i guess the free version targeting unity users didn’t bring enough new users i guess…

they’ve been around for a while (the english version).

I do wonder how much Blender could’ve factored into the demise of Shade.

A solid chunk of Unity users already use Blender for their game assets and our app. has made quite some strides to keep them and attract more. It’s free, it has an English version, and it has a faster development rate.

Basically by now, if it’s not Blender, Modo, or Maya LT, you have a steep uphill climb if you want to really carve your way into the indie market.

I don’t know if it was due to Blender or its own business sense. It wasn’t even big back then, sadly.

I mean, Animation:Master have some patents, but sadly it didn’t even try to make it big.

another GREAT example on what happen when you do not use Blender…

I’m not sure if that is true, considering it is quite big in Japan.

Its just like Mirai (which used by a lot of game dev in Japan, and also used on Lord of the Ring).

sometimes its all business

which wonders where LW would be in the not so far future.

I don’t know man, I work in Tokyo from 8 years ago and I NEVER heard a single company using shade as main tool officially… 80% of time is Maya and the rest is 3DSmax…
For sure the license is very cheap, so a lot of company buy one just to have it.
The point is that with non-opensource software the users simply lose what they paind for, look at SI o Silo for example…

Well, Shade by Mirye is dead, but not the english version.

Fablefox: Mirai hasn’t been supported in ages and only runs on old Windows (XP at the latest, I believe?). The only reason it was used on LOTR is because Bay Raitt used it, and I believe he switched to Lightwave when working at Valve. What he uses now I don’t know, but it’s unlikely to be Mirai, and I don’t believe Mirai is still used by gamedevs in Japan either.
Do you have anything to back this up?

Shade dont have a Linux version!

You’re misreading this. Myrie is no longer distributing the English version of Shade. Instead, the English version of Shade is now distributed by Shade3D Co, Ltd:

And that´s not likely to affect their marketshare by much…

My point exactly. It was popular back then (from what I heard, mostly developers targeting Nintendo. Some said FF7 was modelled in Mirai too. But I don’t know if it was true). But it didn’t help them, business wise.

And yes, I was mistaken about getting sold in english. It seems the original team will sold it in English instead.

Just in case it got missed, and already mentioned by skw, there is still an english version officially avaliable. It’s just not longer provided by Mirye. But a own company, founded especially for redristibution of the english version. The programmers bought back the rights from Mirye.

So the thread title is wrong. Here is the new page:

What seems to be gone is the free version for Unity though.