So my mesh won't deform the way I need it to...

As you can see the middle finger mesh doesn’t follow the bone completely. It lies halfway between where it was originally and where the bone is posed.
I have included the blender file if you want see the file for yourself.
The weights are all at 1…

Can anyone help me understand how to rig the mesh such that the mesh will always surround the bone properly?



HandRigIssue.blend (769 KB)

For any question about the mesh not moving correctly when you move a bone, the answer is always, Check the weights of ALL bones

You have the finger mesh being influenced by more than one bone. When you move the finger bone the mesh is still having some influence from the other bone so cannot follow along 100% with the finger bone.

Yep! That solved it. I understand the process better now :slight_smile:

For anyone else having this issue, in short I had to remove the vertices in the middle finger from the vertex group associated with the middle finger’s palm bone.

Thanks Richard!