So... no circular Array, then?

Any plans for that? Or maybe I missed something, but googling didn’t help…

(not looking for workarounds like rotating an array around an Empty, or—perhaps for ultimate control—just duplicating the mesh hand hand placing it at the desired location).


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ArrayTools got your back bro.


Thanks! New to the Blender eco system, so pretty clueless about all the various add-ons and plugins!

Addon looks cool.

Also depends on what you want to do with the array.

Not sure if this is what you meant by rotating around an empty or not:

Also there are other things you can to with combinations of array and curve modifiers, There is also constraints along a curve and last but not least, Animation Nodes, which can be used for all kinds of interesting arrays for modeling purposes.

Distructively in Edit Mode there is Spin.

And also cloning a mesh based on geometry.


Yes… it’s not so much about solving the problem of a circular Array, since it can be done with workarounds in various ways. But I just feel that placing/duplicating objects in a geometric organised way is basic functionality.

I come from Cinema 4D but don’t want to be ‘that guy’ that comes here and moans about “missing features”, or for that matter, be the guy on C4D forums moaning about features that are great in Blender and stirring up a fuss about a free software offering features that are lacking in a paid one…

Anyway… cloning in various dimensions and patterns seem pretty basic. Hopefully it gets worked into the standard feature set!

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This that you request and many others are very required features for array modifier. I believe that this features will never be added to the modifier, waiting for the Everything Nodes project to satisfy all these shortcomings.

Animation Nodes.

All that and more:

We recently used it on a project where we had to then freeze each location of the mesh and maintain it as an independent object and maintain its origin and orientation.

(something you can not do with modifiers)

But as a modeling tool, it is by far the most powerful and versatile tool for arraying objects, in the entire Blender ecosystem.

That said, don’t underestimate what you can do with Dupliverts.

Absolutely nothing wrong with being that guy. I am just trying to help you with what exists now.