So.. we have VBO in 2.77rc1 enabled by default??

It is also an option in the game engine System > Storage, and when I start my game with it, it stops my animations for some reason? Anyone else tried it?

Edit: Anyone knows how to use VBO with a shader here?

Looks like I forgot to add this to the release notes. I’ve now added a section on the raster storage change:

  • The immediate mode option (glBegin/glEnd) has been removed. This mode is slower than vertex arrays, and, with Blender’s minimum OpenGL version bump, this mode is no longer needed as a fallback.
  • Vertex buffer objects (VBOs) can now be selected as a storage option. These are usually slower than vertex arrays with display lists enabled, and they may cause compatibility issues. However, if Blender switches to an OpenGL 3+ core profile, the BGE will need to switch to VBOs since vertex arrays and display lists are not supported by OpenGL 3+ core profiles. This option is available for users to experiment and play with, but is not, yet, recommended for actual usage.

Thanks for the update

With VBO as option, this opens up regular bge to impliment geometry instancing correct?

The VBO feature is a big addition to the engine. Did a benchmark by using an array modifier on a cube, pushed it above 2 million verts and got a stable 33fps in the BGE on a Geforce 630GT card. I ran another file which is from an FPS template with lots of grass instances, however I got 10-20fps on that file, however the 630 takes a big hit with GLSL screenspace shaders, so I can’t confirm what the bottleneck is on that file.