So, what next?

So, I’ve made this nice character:

It looks nice, but the topology’s pretty s**t… even worse than that:

Qs:I plan to animate this character, so:
-can I just rig it and animate it? (Isn’t the topology too bad for deformation or something?)

-Should I just bake normals + displacement map and retopo the model to make it nice and clean?

I’ve never been in this situation before, my models were always nice and clean, so I don’t really know…Thanks for replies! :slight_smile:

I would definitely recommend retopology, especially on the pants. give it a couple of levels of subsurf beforehand of course.

She reminds me of that character from Harry Potter (can’t remember her name). The model overall looks great, and as Modron suggested, it might need some retopology, especially if you’re planning on animation. A bad topology might create strange pinching effects when deforming. You could try baking the normals and displacement, just make sure the UV mapping is similar to the retopologised version.

I think I’m good, She’s not going to be moving much, and if there are gonna be some pinches… who cares, I’m doing this for fun…
Anyways thanks for replies guys, in serious future projects, I’ll definitely do retopology…

She reminds me of that character from Harry Potter (can’t remember her name)

Yea, it’s Luna Lovegood :slight_smile: , the face is ripped from the Harry Potter game though, couldn’t do it myself…

But still i think u did a good job on th clothing the folds came out beautiful otherwise great model.