Soccer Ball At Sunset

Hi everyone!

I’m not new to Blender, been using it for almost two years now, but I am new to these forums. So this is my first post of a quick render I did using Cycles based off Blender Cookie’s great tutorial on modeling a soccer ball. Rendered at 500 passes with the ground texture from CG Textures with a normal map I generated using SSBump. The textures on the ball are procedural along with diffuse and glossy shaders and a quick dirt and grime map I made in Gimp. Compositing done in Blender.

It was just meant as a quick and easy modeling exercise, so nothing fancy, but I would appreciate any and all comments!

Beatiful! There are some shadows in the ball which dont look perfect to me, but maybe its ok…

I’m not getting the ‘authentic’ feel of the football.
And a bit easy on the bump, soldier…:slight_smile:

I know what you mean about the bump swaschan! It was just my attempt to hide a low-res texture this close up, but it is a bit too much. The ball is also in very pristine shape. I did this in an hour or two just to try out the technique. Maybe I’ll go back and do a bit more to make it feel like it hasn’t just come out a factory where it was made by robots and grunge it up a little and fix the ground while I’m at it!